Happily Ever workshops – past and future

My one-act play HAPPILY EVER was workshopped and presented as a staged reading by the Brooklyn College Theatre Department this past week. Such talent. I have to admit, workshopping a new play is exhilerating and maddening at the same time – a bit like I’d imagine it would feel like to take a shower in a room filled with people. Or something like that. Every time an actor said a line I wanted to scream, “Shut up! I’m so humiliated!”, but everyone was totally great and generous and sweet. Phew. The reading made me smile and there was a little reception afterwards with wine, cheese and crackers – classy class. Megan Murtha and Dennis Allen, two of my MFA compadres, were able to come, and I was so grateful for their presence. Mac Wellman gave some really good feedback during the talkback, not the least of which was, “Did you know that today is Adolf Hitler’s birthday?” This is why I love love love him.


The HERO THEATRE is planning a two-day workshop of HAPPILY EVER at the end of July. Stay tuned for details on that. Because maybe we’ll share it with the public after the workshop.