Love Creek Productions to produce Thumbsucker at The Producers Club (NYC)

In the midst of a fairly muffled cellphone conversation on the street after doing a shot of tequila with a couple of friends, I realized that the man on the other end was saying that he wants to produce my short one-act THUMBSUCKER: A LOVE STORY as part of an evening of one-acts at The Producers’ Club very soon. More details to come, as soon as I have them. The most exciting thing about this is that I will actually be able to see the production, unlike the last several one-act productions that have been produced in states – or in the case of Canada, countries – where I was NOT. I’m super curious to see how the director is going to deal with the whole thumb thing… 

Core Apprentice CORRECTION_Four, Not Three

So, having looked at the Playwrights Center website I see that there are FOUR Core Apprentices this year (2012-2013), as opposed to the THREE I originally thought. Which is still cool because I’m one of the four. I’m embarassingly pleased that all of the apprentices are WOMEN this year. After looking at the other Apprentices’ bios, I’m pretty humbled too. Check out the link below:

I woke up this morning feeling like it was going to be a melancholy, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ballads type of day and so far, that’s exactly what it’s been. Maybe I’ll go poke a mental stick at a play-in-progress. Or maybe I’ll just take a nap with the dog.


Two Fish, a little youtube play for the kids

So lately I’ve been thinking and thinking about the middle grade novel that I want to write – in addition to all of the other projects swirling around in my head attic. I’ve got the title, the main character, and a fairly decent opening paragraph. But until I’ve completed my NOVEL, I wanted to share something for all of the little kids I know and even those I don’t know. Why not right, when you’ve got magic markers, paper, clay, a little script, a webcam and TIME??

Check it out on youtube, although be warned that if you’re an adult, you may be bored / horrified.

2012 Weasel Festival

I’m co-producing this festival. Come and check it out.





Hello friends!

Produced and written by playwrights from Mac Wellman’s groundbreaking Brooklyn College MFA program, this year’s Weasel Festival features talented alumni LaShea Delaney, Paul Ketchum, Megan Murtha and Mark Sitko with director Jose Zayas. Curzio Malaparte’s The Skin and Kaputt were the jumping off points for a whimsically disturbing theatrical landscape filled with dying soldiers, dining German aristocrats, disgruntled prostitutes, playful sisters and a dog. All four playwrights have written wonderful, disturbing, exciting, funny, sad and innovative plays that explore different aspects of war, moral collapse and humanity.

LOCATION: East 13th Street Theatre,136 East 13th St

(btwn.3rd & 4th Ave – 4, 5, 6, N, R train to 14th St, UnionSq)

DATES/TIMES: Thurs. August 9, Fri. August 10 & Sat. August11 @ 8 pm

TICKETS (suggested donation): $18/15 students, reserve tickets at

Each night features all four new plays:

The King of Poland: By PaulKetchum

“Nazis had lots of dinner parties, and they talked about knitting,carrying the new baby Jesus, and how Hitler is actually the mother of theGerman people.”

II Gradoni di Chiaia: By Megan Murtha

“In the face of war and a volcanic eruption, canalleviation for a group of women be found in a can of Spam? The jelly fish might know the answer…”

Among the Bugs and Crows: By LaShea Delaney

“Oh how hard it is being a woman!”

Febo, Spaghetti and Spam: By Mark Sitko

“My dog has gone missing, and this boy is sure to die.”

Core Apprentice at The Playwrights’ Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Soooo, the reading of The Secret Keeper with Shakespeare’s Sister Company went well yesterday, even though there’s nothing that can make me cringe more than a reading of a first draft – well, maybe spiders coud make me cringe more, like, if one was crawling on me. Slugs, too, are pretty cringy…ANYWAY, the reading went fine and now I just need to go back and ‘fix’ the plethora of problems in the script that the reading revealed. Good times.


Today I found out that I’m a Core Apprentice at The Playwrights Center in Minneapolis which I’m super excited about EVEN THOUGH I won’t be able to go to Minneapolis for a workshop there next summer. Apparently the #1 Apprentice got THAT honor and I’m #2 or #3 (which is still cool because there’s only three of us out of all the playwrights they could have picked). As #2 or #3, I get paired with a NYC-based playwright as a mentor, a year membership at The Playwrights Center, mention on their website, and BRAGGING RIGHTS, which is always something to aim for.

The Secret Keeper reading at The Delancey / Shakespeare’s Sister Company

So I’m really excited about this reading because of A) I need to work on this piece B) Shakespeare’s Sister Company seems really cool and C) The Delancey is an AmAzE little downtown venue that I’m delighted to have discovered!


Who holds the key to your boldest indiscretions?

THE DELANCEY, NEW YORK CITY – Monday, July 16th – We will present Amina Henry’s new play-in-progress, “The Secret Keeper”. We will be casting some of the roles from the audience for this project. Actors, come and play.

“The Secret Keeper ” is a surreal dark comedy. On a journey to find the person to confess her secrets, our heroine, Ross and her pet fish, Andy, become stuck in a nightmare when their car breaks down in a nowhere town. As they wait in a diner for what seems like an eternity, Ross discovers the secrets the locals struggle with while grappling with the weight of her own.

We are so thrilled to be hosting week four of these original play readings! It’s been a truly wonderful way for our audiences to be a part of Live Art…witnessing the early development of these wonderful scripts and, with audience feedback, challenges these authors to make great script improvements with a goal of producing stories at a large scale event. Our audiences will have a direct impact on the direction the playwright will take with their script.

New Playwright every Monday Evening

June 18th through August 13th from 6:30 – 8:30pm at The Delancey, located at 168 Delancey Street (between Clinton and Attorney).

J, M, Z, F trains to the Delancey stop

Actors, directors, playwrights and theater enthusiasts, help us make this a great event and we can’t wait to see you there! Free event with a one drink minimum. Over 21+ only.This past week, we had a wonderful crowd celebrating Catherine Castellani’s new play, “The Bigsley Project”. Come back tomorrow night! You guys were awesome and we have lots of room for everyone! @shakessis

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Formed in 2008, The Shakespeare’s Sister Company (SSC) is a not-for-profit theater organization supporting women in the arts. Our commitment is to produce established works and new plays by female authors, as well as by Sir William Shakespeare. Our mission is to address global change through the theater, including workshops with the community and literacy for youth.