Core Apprentice at The Playwrights’ Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Soooo, the reading of The Secret Keeper with Shakespeare’s Sister Company went well yesterday, even though there’s nothing that can make me cringe more than a reading of a first draft – well, maybe spiders coud make me cringe more, like, if one was crawling on me. Slugs, too, are pretty cringy…ANYWAY, the reading went fine and now I just need to go back and ‘fix’ the plethora of problems in the script that the reading revealed. Good times.


Today I found out that I’m a Core Apprentice at The Playwrights Center in Minneapolis which I’m super excited about EVEN THOUGH I won’t be able to go to Minneapolis for a workshop there next summer. Apparently the #1 Apprentice got THAT honor and I’m #2 or #3 (which is still cool because there’s only three of us out of all the playwrights they could have picked). As #2 or #3, I get paired with a NYC-based playwright as a mentor, a year membership at The Playwrights Center, mention on their website, and BRAGGING RIGHTS, which is always something to aim for.

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