Puppet Show at Adult Day Services at the Sunnyside Community Center (Queens, NY)

So, every Monday for the past few months I’ve volunteered with Adult Day Services at the Sunnyside Community Center, working with senior citizens in the early to mid stages of dementia. It’s always the favorite part of my week because when I go my heart just opens like a flower – I LOVE the time I get to spend with these senior citizens whose perception of reality is sooo – particular. It’s rewarding, maddening, depressing, fun, deep – words fail me. We usually do something like drawing or play Bingo or we bat around a balloon while sitting in a circle. We do exercises. We listen to music. Sometimes we dance. There’s laughter and tears and temper tantrums and hugs. Words fail me. Today I was able to exercise my long dormant acting muscles by bringing in paper bags and suggesting that we all make paper bag puppets. After some confusion, puppets were made. Then I, enlisting the help of another volunteer, put on a little puppet show for the seniors and basked in the glow of their laughter and attentive faces as I made up a tale involving a money-hungry beautiful Peruvian woman, a dastardly con artist who wants to date her, her friend Honey, Honey’s cat named Gato who gets kidnapped, the alien type creature who comes in to save Gato from peril and return him to his Honey love…it was the weirdest play, but I’m so GRATEFUL that they liked it.

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