WATER staged reading at Play The Space

So, I wrote a children’s play several months ago and am using this curated series, Play The Space, as an opportunity to take a look at what I’ve got thus far. WATER is a 45 minute play about a little Ethiopian girl named Sela and her friend Bo as they travel from their village to the well to fetch some water. On the way they tell stories and have adventures. It’s actually a little dark for a children’s play since it’s about drought and whatnot, but then, aren’t most fairy tales kind of dark? Anyway, if you’re around Sunday, October 14th at 2 pm come and check it out. It’s free.

Place: 33 1st Street (about 3 doors east of 2nd ave), East Village

Time: 2 – 3 pm, Sunday, October 14th

Price: Free!

HAPPILY EVER Workshop at Mabou Mines, Sept 15-16

I had a great workshop of my one-act play HAPPILY EVER with The HERO Theatre a couple of weeks ago, not the least of which was because of the yummy snacks that were provided. String cheese, grapes, apples, almonds – yummy! I definitely work better when I’m fed. Seriously though, I’m so grateful for all of the focus and dedication that everyone in the room brought to the table. I made lots of delicious changes and now I think I have a much better play. Mabou Mines has a sweet room in the PS 122 building and while I was there I felt wrapped in a warm cloak of support. Thank you thank you thank you. Now for a full production. That’s next.

Caridad Svich, Playwright Mentor

So I found out about a week ago that Caridad Svich is going to be my playwright mentor over the next year thanks to The Playwrights Center and my status as a Core Apprentice playwright there. I’m in sort of gleeful awe because Caridad is AmAzInG. I’m very inspired by her body of work. Maybe she’ll help me make something beautiful out of this war play I’m trying to write. What I love about her is that she’s so SMART and so PASSIONATE and she’s also a POET. Check out her website and be humbled. I was humbled.


HAPPILY EVER Workshop with The HERO Theatre

Now that it’s coming up soon,, I’m pretty excited about my workshop with the HERO Theatre, September 15-16, at Mabou Mines. I’m hoping to add 10 more pages to this play. I actually kind of LOVE this play; it’s one of my most romantic, thus far. Thanks to Elisa Bocanegra for making this happen – she’s fierce. I’m inspired by her fierceness.



THUMBSUCKER at The Producers Club

So, it happened. I was very humbled by the earnest enthusiasm of the actors and the director for this wacky script. It was nice to see that the play could hold up even with very, very simple production values. it’s also very educational to see a show in full production; I wonder if now I need to revise the play a little? I have to say, though, I was very impressed by the fact the the director was able to obtain a fake thumb. It looked pretty real.