WATER Stage Reading for Play the Space was a success!

Site specific work is not something that I’ve ever really experimented with before and I’m pretty proud to have gotten my feet wet with WATER at First Street Green Art Park on Sunday, October 14th, 2012. It was a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to actually have kids show up! Key for a children’s play. All of us walked along with Sela and Bo on their journey and I was delighted to see the kids become invested in these characters. Thanks to Gretchen Van Lente for directing this reading, Eryn Rosenthal for curating this fascinating Play the Space series, and to actors Cristina Pitter, Glenn Quentin George, Monique Pappas and Michael Gaines for making this event so delightful. Even with all of the weird sound issues – we were, after all, at the corner of a pretty noisy intersection. I’m eager to explore funding options to see if there’s a way to do a full production of this play in a park next summer. Producing, here I come…

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