Brass Tacks Theater Ensemble Affiliate Artist and Upcoming Script Tease

I was recently asked to be an Affiliate Artist in the Brass Tacks Theatre Collective ( which makes me so happy. I love being INCLUDED in things. Especially included in a group of theater artists who are passionate and talented and probably cooler than me. My play GOVERNMENT CHEESE will be featured in an upcoming collective Script Tease on March 11th. I’m excited to see this play on its feet because I really do kind of love it, the way one loves a naughty child who’s always getting into trouble but has a good heart.

Where: 61 Local

When: March 11th, 7 pm

The Lineup:

Boldly Go by Matt Barbot

Wildfire by Libby Emmon 

Tigers in America by Theresa Giacopasi


All In Her Head by Holly Hepp-Galvan

The Ninth Life by Suzanne McKinley

Teeth by Max Reuben

Featuring: Stuart Bridget, Samantha Cooper, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Brandon Jones, Jesse Manocherian, Mimian Morales, Max Reuben,  Kristin Warheit, Brett Warwick


Totally come. It’ll be cool.


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