Gun Control Theatre Action: Sydney, Australia

Hello friends,

This event is taking place at the Darlinghurst Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia…

Gun Control Theatre Action (GCTA) week runs worldwide from 27 May 2 June. GCTA Sydney will stage a reading of GCTA plays, written by renowned playwrights such as Neil La Bute, Caridad Svich and local writer, Alex Broun. 

Admission is FREE


1) Everyday Villainy by Gab Cody
Read by Ali Aitken

2) The Next Time by Cecilia Copeland
Read by Gabriel McCarthy and Katherine Shearer

3) Irony of the Second Degree by Kyle Bostian
Read by Alison Meredith and Craig Walker

4) Cecily by Neil LaButt
Read by Shai Alexander

5) Dad’s Guns by Neil Blackadder
Read by Ilya Levy and Jay Pace

6) Electric Midnight Emergency Call by Lynn Manning
Read by Elly Goodman

7) Orangutans Don’t Kill by Winter Miller
Read by Lynden Jones

8) Happiness by Chiori Miyagawa
Read by Ambika Asthana

9) Rand by Jennifer Maisel
Read by Amanda Porter

10) 50 Guns by Alex Broun
Directed by Stephen Carnell Performed by Lisa Hanssens


11) (Excerpt from) ‘the nature of captivity’ by Matthew Paul Olmos
Read by Marissa Dikkenberg, Lisa Chappell, Matt Minto, Simon London

12) Right after Virginia Tech by Laura Zam
Read by Gael Ballantyne

13) A poem for Sandy Hook by August Schulenburg
Read by Oliver Burton

14) Change by Elaine Avila
Read by Elisa Cristallo

15) Hello My name is Joe by Amina Henry
Read by Liz Hovey

16) Gun Culture by Ian Rowlands
Read by Valentino Arico

17) The Wake by Caridad Svich
Read by Emily Stewart and TBC

18) What are we going to do about little brother? by Zac Kline Read by Felix Carlyle

19) Gun Control by Chris Weikel
Read by Haven Tso

20) Gun Play by Oliver Mayer
Read by Tula Tzoras and Steven McGrath

21) Bridge to Baraka: The Pen Instead of the Gun by Yvette Heyliger
Directed by Uma Kali Shakti Read by Tade Adepoyibi

22) (Extract from) Testimony by Tameka Cage Conley
Directed by Ruth Fingret Read by Coco Frohlich and Tashi Reuben

23) See Dick and Jane get ready for school by Gary Winter
Read by Pauline Kingsford Smith, Karol Patryk Binkowski, Sally Williams, Richard Mason.

24) Toys by Saviana Stanescu
Read by TBC and TBC

STANDBY ACTORS: Shelley Booth, Ingrid Yu Hin, Lucy Rasheed, Jones, Holly Emmett, Peter Maple, Amy Fisher, Jaymie Knight, Stephanie Merriman.

For more information about GCTA Sydney contact Stephen Carnell, 0418 255 440.

Gun Control Theatre Action Week is presented in collaboration with
NoPassport Theatre Alliance & The Vicious Circle

For more information about GCTA worldwide

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