Moonlighting as an actress in RadyBloom’s THE UPPER ROOM

Join us at Judson for free refreshments and a free reading this Wednesday, July 17th. The pre-show reception begins at 7pm and the show follows at 8pm. 55 Washington Square South, Greenwich Village.                         
Within the ever-inspiring and hospitable walls of Judson Memorial Church we’ve begun workshop rehearsals for Wednesday’s staged reading, the first public showing of THE UPPER ROOM, a brand new piece that fuses congregation, sea-level rise, and human-to-sea-creature metamorphoses. Catherine Brookman (together with guitarist Joe White as music project Sullivan Sings) has created a cycle of spiritual water songs. And we have brought together a fiercely multi-talented and energetic congregation consisting of Clare Barron, LaChrisha Brown, Starr Busby, Tjasa Ferme, Darcy Fowler, Amina Henry, Evan Kuzma, and Madalyn Mckay.
In the spirit of creative communion, we welcome you to be the first to experience THE UPPER ROOM. We’d be honored to share with you at this developmental stage and hear your thoughts.

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