APPathon at The Brick, Saturday, July 21st /Part of GAME PLAY FESTIVAL

This past week reminds me why I love living in New York City so much, even though I’m desperately broke and fairly exhausted. Such rich soil for an artist! I had a wonderful time being a part of the development and reading of RadyBloom’s THE UPPER ROOM on Wednesday. Last Sunday I went to The Brick and met a group I had been paired with to create a piece. We had this last week to create a performance that utilized one of four computer apps we were given and our topic was surveillance. Over a day or two we got something down on paper and our two tech types figured out how to incorporate the Layar app while also incorporating some other super cool digital media stuff into our performance. I asked for a “beautiful and grotesque dance” and that’s what I got. I asked to see images of a skeleton and blood – they made it happen. We rehearsed a VERY LITTLE and exchanged a few frantic emails. And then tonight we performed our decidedly experimental piece at The Brick after two other teams performed their pieces. I thought our piece was beautiful and strange and creepy and relevant – and I was even in it in the last several minutes. We didn’t win first prize, but I FEEL LIKE A WINNER because I got a taste of what technology can do to help experimental theater makers realize shadowy visions. Boom. Thanks to Paul, Christine, Katherine and Alexis – go The Strange Team. 


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