I’m acting in Libby Emomon’s play at STICKY, March 6th

I'm acting in Libby Emomon's play at STICKY, March 6th

Next up in Sticky at Beauty Bar…

10 minute plays
because anything that can happen can happen in a bar
follow our ‘interviews with Sticky series playwrights series’

Thursday, March 6th
7:30 pm, $15 at the door,
$12 advance, with discount code cheapseats

Beauty Bar
249 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

7 short plays by: Under the City of Lights by Brooke Berman, Pump and Dump by Clay McLeod Chapman, Pussy Party by Libby Emmons, The Out Casts by Samantha Jones, I see Rainbows by Eduardo Machado, Valid I.D. by Corey Pajka and Spyware by Kelly Stuart

performances and direction by: Ali Ayala, Matt Barbot, Samantha Cooper Michael Domitrovich, Libby Emmons, John Fico, Barrie Gelles, AMINA HENRY, Brandon Jones, Samantha Jones, Rebecca Lally, Eduardo Machado, Jesse Manocherian, Mimiam Morales, David Marcus, Jimmy Pravasilis, Max Reuben, Aly Rosenfeld, and Lindsay Torrey

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