OFF WATER at LAVA’S Night of Renegades, Saturday, November 22, 2015

Tonight was sooo magical and just what I needed as the holiday season gets under way. After losing BOTH of the actors who committed to being a part of a little reading at the last minute, Richard McDonald and Isabelle Pierre, two very generous actors, agreed to step in. OFF WATER is a little 10-minute meditation on empathy and it was nice to hear them read it in the magical space that is LAVA. Everyone should check out LAVA:

The other acts included 2 performance artists, an all-male dance troupe performance, a CHOIR (which was soooo amazing), and a solo singer accompanied by a guitar and a keyboard. There was also a surprise birthday cake for someone’s birthday. It was a general good feeling all around – I love the fellowship that can happen sometimes with a group of creative types.

I give thanks.