Talking about what it means to be human with Amina Henry

Libby Emmons was kind enough to interview me!

li88y inc.

When I heard that Amina Henry was starting her own theater company I was thrilled. I’ve been a fan of her work since actress Cate Bottiglione brought her in to work on the Sticky series, with her play Bride at Midnight in 2011. Her play An American Family Takes a Lover, at Theatre for the New City last year, is on my top ten performances of all time list, and at present, I can’t even remember the other nine.

Amina’s got an indiegogo campaign going for her new project– Hunter John and Jane— with her new theater company– The Table— so I thought we should talk about it.

Why did you decide to start a theater company? We’ve talked about playwright as producer before, and how essential it is for playwrights to be their own advocates. What made you take the leap?

I decided that I…

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