INJUSTICE: HIS AND HERS in INJUSTICE NYMADNESS, Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ The Producers Club


Tony Glazer (NYMADNESS featured playwright), Cecelia Copeland (NYMADNESS artistic director & playwright), Anna Van Valin (NYMADNESS head of acting & actress), Judith Leora (NYMADNESS managing director & playwright)

I wrote a little piece for this, directed by Shira-Lee Shalit, featuring Mle Chester and Charles Everett. The way it worked – there was a meeting on Sunday during which the playwrights received the theme of “injustice”. Scripts were due on Wednesday at midnight. The show was on Sunday, scripts in hand. It was intense, and interesting, and fun. There was a party afterwards during which I had a beer. Win for me!


Mle Chester (turned away), Charles Everett and a woman I do not know!


A better picture of Mle and again, the woman I do not know!

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