Bully Reading for ParityFest @ Cohesion Theatre Company, August 2015

Here are a couple of belated pics of the Bully reading that happened this month as part of ParityFest at Cohesion Theatre Company in Baltimore, MD (http://www.cohesiontheatre.org/). I regret not having been able to go – these ladies look pretty fierce and I have an odd affinity for Baltimore. C’est la vie.

bullyparityfest bullyparityfest2

Elegy for You, Golden Toad: A Poem for a Climate Change Theater Action

Elegy for You, Golden Toadgolden_toad_2011

You were so cool
So small and true,
Little toad,
And gold may now be my favorite hue.
You have given me an image of something beyond coins
And the mighty dollar
I think of toads now when I think of
And that’s a good thing
A very good thing
So… thank you.
I love you.

I remember the day at the puddles,
the last day before you went away.
There was a mist and the birds were singing in Spanish…

It was sad to see the puddles so small
It is sad
I too appreciate a good puddle
A good splish
A good splash
I am devastated
Because you are gone.

I see you perched on Brillante
Mating in rainwater
Birthing hundreds,
You rascal…chulo…
Mating is a serious and fun business
In the spring, Cold and wet in the
Blanket of trees
An orgy of epic proportions,
so loud and dazzling.

Who will take up the guard now
Against the underworld
Now that you have and your little tadpoles have gone away?
Something blue
Something green
Something plastic and obscene?
It disturbs me to think of it, Golden Toad
Make a puddle with my tears,
Make a puddle,
Float again
In a clear pool,
Free of debris.

Actually, I am ashamed of my tears
My ability to cry
When you lost your moisture
And the clothes that I wore to come here and
Honor you
I bought in a department store
In a big polluted city
After letting the water run while brushing my teeth
And taking a too long shower
And throwing away a plastic soda bottle
And killing a fly.

I want to care more
I do
I really want to
I’m here
I’m here
I’m here
Thinking of you, Golden Toad,
a portrait of my