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We all have jobs. I’ve considered many different lines of employment. I’ve thought here and there about going into teaching, but a friend of mine, a writer like me, went into teaching, and he said that basically a teacher’s brain is not their own. The whole of a teacher’s day is spent engaging with children’s […]

via Amina Henry’s The Animals, at JACK — li88y inc.

The Animals in a time of crazy

It feels small – trite even – to talk about a little play I produced in Brooklyn that is garnering modest success, in the wake of the most recent shootings in this country. So much fear and ignorance and hate. 😔 But I’m an artist, and my work is to make art. My work is to bring people together as forces work to rip us all apart. I take my work very seriously and everything I do is in service of making the world a better, more loving, place. Xoxo