Noor Theatre 48 Hour Forum



I was honored to be asked to participate in Noor Theatre’s 48 Hour Forum and I wrote a 15-minute play for it called, Paint Me a Picture, Sing Me a Song, about Yazite women taking refuge in shelters after being used by ISIS as sex slaves. Heavy stuff. There are four other amazing plays that my play is in conversation with. We opened last night and we have two more performances – tonight and tomorrow.


News is Fast. Theatre is Slow. Not this Time!

Noor Theatre is New York’s only theatre representing voices of the Middle Eastern diaspora. They are often asked to respond to the barrage of news related to the Middle East and beyond. Often, news breaks and it is several years before we see something on stage about it. Such is the nature of theatre making.

In response, Noor created 48 Hour Forum, where a diverse roster of artists rise to the challenge of spinning our most talked about news events into humorous, incisive “theatrical op-eds.” Five playwrights, five directors, and a company of New York’s hottest actors gather over 48 hours in a race to create theater as fast as a news cycle. 

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