2 thoughts on “New Light Theater Project’s The Great Novel at The Flea, June 7-29, 2019

  1. Hey Amina!

    I’m always so tickled to see all of your successes!!! Things are moving up and beyond.

    How are you? I do miss people in NYC so much. Even though, I time in living New York was enough, the California weather makes me thrive, but I didn’t spend enough time with the NYC people I adore (you being at the top of that list.) I hate trade-offs!

    I wish for one of your show to be produced in LA, forcing you to come.

    What else is going on in your life?

    Love You Always,

    Ché Oxoxo

    • Hey!

      I have an adaption of The Trojan Women called TROY being produced by HERO Theatre in LA in October! I’ll be there for opening – let’s get together! Also, congrats on all of YOUR successes – I see you. 👀😚

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