National Winter Playwrights Retreat

I just got back from a lovely several days in Creede, Colorado at the 2017 National Winter Playwrights Retreat, hosted by Creede Repertory Theatre. it was my first writer retreat and now I want to go on them all the time, every month, every week! For several days I was allowed to do what I rarely give myself the time to do – rejuvenate. Surrounded by snow and silence, I was able to simply “collect my thoughts” which resulted in tentative pages for a novel, revisions on the first draft of my play RED REFRIGERATOR and exploratory pages for my new play COLUMBUS STREET. It’s actually crucial for an artist to be able to collect thoughts. I was also able to see and comment several readings by other playwrights, bond with fellow artists, drink beer in a bar that doubles as a laundromat, do yoga while watching CNN and MSNBC online, go to the Mining Museum, go on a tour of Creede Repertory Theatre, and go on a local tour of the mountains. It was all quite lovely and I’m super grateful. Now – back to work. So much work to do.


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